Biometry of larvae and exuviae of Metriocnemuscarmencitaber- tarum Langton & Cobo, 1997 (Diptera: Chironomidae) in The Netherlands (2015)

Kuper, J., 2015

Physical properties of larvae, pupae and adults of the chironomid Metriocnemus carmencitabertarum have been well described, although body dimensions of larvae, pupae and adults are based on very few individuals. Despite this, it is not possible to discriminate between larval stages. This is necessary to interpret life history characteristics. Measurements for head width and head length for all four instars and for the length of the frontal apotome up to and including the postoccipital margin (LFP) for third and fourth instar larvae are presented. Also length measurements for male and female pupal exuviae are given. Presence of sexual size dimorphism in fourth instar larvae is argued.